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nuken is a development environment for web-based applications. You can get started online, or download the desktop app for an offline experience.

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Take nuken anywhere - use it from any device with a web browser. Visit this page on a smart device for a mobile experience.


Our flagship experience

Install our desktop app for more features. Create, edit, and share like never before - powered by Electron.

We're still working on porting nuken to other platforms. Contact us for more info.

nuken Docs

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Got questions? Try giving our documentation a read. We've done our best to explain how everything works.

Our community

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Follow us on social media, or join our Discord server. Stay tuned for updates, announcements, and group events.

Why nuken?

No accounts or paywalls, all open-source and community driven. Our goal is to make web development as simple as possible, while keeping the focus on real code.

Plus, nuken can be used wherever you go - whether it's on any device with a web browser, or a dedicated desktop app. We see nuken as a digital canvas - a way to create, edit, and share your projects with the world.