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nuken is a development environment for web-based applications. You can
get started online, or download the web app for an offline experience.

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Online / Mobile

No download required

Take nuken anywhere - create, edit, and share from any device with a web browser. Visit this page on a smart device for a mobile experience.

nuken 7

Our flagship editor

nuken 7 is a fresh, new experience, we've rebuilt everything from scratch. Create, edit, and share like never before.

nuken Education

By educators, for students

nuken Education is optimized for hardware that's used in public schools and institutions worldwide. Free for educators, free for students.

nuken Launcher

Keep stuff organized

Organize all things nuken with our nuken Launcher. We hope that this tool makes it easier to keep track of your various workspaces.

Hello there

Why choose nuken?

No accounts or paywalls, all open-source and community driven. Every feature we add has a purpose, and nuken be used wherever you go. We see nuken as a digital canvas - a way to create, edit, and share your projects with the world.

  Download nuken 7


Open Source

Go ahead, mess with our code. It's all available on our GitHub repository.


Start learning about and using popular frameworks, like Bulma, jQuery, or TypeScript.


nuken clocks in at about 6 MB in file size, and will run on any system with a web browser.


No clutter, no jargon - easy to get started, easy to use. Just the important stuff!